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Kembara Ilmu ke PNU & Program Korban Perdana ke Pattani, Thailand

Date : 19th – 23rd August 2018 Venue : Pattani, Thailand No. of participant : 27 Students + 7 Staff On 19th until 23th August 2018, Kelab Pertubuhan Kebajikan Islam Malaysia UniKL MIIT (PERKIM UniKL MIIT) collaboration with Student Representative Committee 2018/2019, University of Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) Malaysian Institute of Information Technology and the Princess […]

Program Desa IT 2018 UniKL MIIT @ Multimedia University

Date : 26th – 30th June 2018 Venue : Kampung Padang Air, Kuala Nerus, Terengganu No. of participant : 27 Participants This program is organized to observe and understand the nature of the society from a different region where it would enable participants to learn the history and adapt to local culture. It is also […]

The 2nd International Conference on Information & Communication Technology (ICICTM)

Date & Time: 3rd & 4th May 2018, 9.00 AM – 5.30 PM Venue : Bestari Hall Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia & Level 23 Universiti Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia No. of participant : Nineteen (19) from Universiti Kuala Lumpur MIIT; Twenty    (20)  from Universiti Pertahanan Nasional Malaysia and Twelve     (12)  from other affiliations : Saudi Arabia, […]

Animation Exhibition 2018

Date & Time: 15 May – 16 May 2018 Venue : Quill City Mall Level 1 No. of participant : 23 UniKL MIIT STUDENTS Animation Exhibition 2018 was staged by Final Year Project students of Bachelor in Multimedia Tech (Hons) Computer Animation (BCA) which comes under the subject Portfolio Design and Management. This exhibition was […]