Abdulaleem Zaid Mohammed Al-Othmani, Dr.

Abdulaleem Zaid Mohammed Al-Othmani, Dr.


Dr Abdulaleem Zaid Mohammed Al-Othmani is a Senior Lecturer in the Software Engineering Section at Malaysian Institute of Information Technology (MIIT), Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL) since Jun 2018. He received a PhD and a Master degree in Computing Science specialising in Information Security from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) in 2010 and 2016 respectively.

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He also received his BSc. Degree in Computer Engineering from University of Baghdad, Iraq in 2002. Dr. Abdulaleem has been an active researcher since 2010 and has published a number of conference and journal papers. His academic experience extends over 12 years in Malaysia, Yemen, and The Netherlands.

Research Areas

  1. Cyber Security
  2. Speech Signal Processing
  3. Digital Forensic
  4. IT Security Awareness
  5. Steganography & Digital Watermarking
  6. Mobile Communication
  7. Cloud Computing
  8. Neural Networks & Machine Learning

Teaching Interests

  1. Software Engineering & Interaction Design
  2. Cyber Security and Inforamtion Assurance
  3. Software, Network & Database Security
  4. Digital Forensic
  5. Ethical Hacking & Pen Testing
  6. Object Oriented Programming
  7. OS & Computer Architecture
  8. Research Methodology

Training, Certificate & Award

  1. Certificate of Excellence, UTM School of Graduate Studies (SPS), for Excellence achievement in the PhD thesis, 18 Feb 2016.
  2. UTM Research Student Grant (RSG) VOT 4S059 (EScience Fund Project: 01-01-06-SF1044), 2013 – 2014.
  3. UTM International Doctoral Fellowship (IDF), UTM, Malaysia, 2011 – 2012.
  4. Masters Scholarship (SCC/HPE/NUFFIC/ARCADIS), Yemen/Netherlands, 2007 – 2009.
  5. MOHE Yemen, Bachelor’s degree Scholarship, Computer Engineering, University of Baghdad, Iraq

Selected Publications

  1. Aborujilah, A., Nassr, R. M., Husen, M. N., Ali, N. A., Al-Othman, A., & Almotiri, S. (2019). “A Conceptual Framework for Applying Telemedicine Mobile Applications in Treating Computer Games Addiction”. In International Conference on Ubiquitous Information Management and Communication (pp. 599-609). Springer, Cham.
  2. Shamsul Anuar Mokhtar, Abdulkarem Al-Sharafi, Siti Haryani and Abdualeem Alothmani. (2016) “Identifying the Determinants of Cloud Computing Adoption in Higher Education Institutions”. International Conference on Information and Communication Technology 2016 (ICICTM’16). 16-17 May, 2016. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. In Press.
  3. Mostafa Hajivali, Maen T. Alrashdan, Faraz Fatemi Moghaddam, and Abdualeem Z. M. Alothmani. (2013) “Applying an Agent-Based User Authentication and Access Control Model for Cloud Servers”. International Conference on ICT Convergence (ICTC). 14-16 Oct. 2013. Jeju Island, South Korea. Pages 807 – 812
  4. Abdulaleem Z. Al-Othmani, Azizah Abdul Manaf and Akram M. Zeki. (2012). “A Survey on Steganography Techniques in Real Time Audio Signals and Evaluation” International Journal of Computer Science Issues, Volume 9, Issue 1, January (2012). ISSN: 1694-0814.
  5. Abdulaleem Z. Al-Othmani, Azizah A. Manaf and Akram M. Zeki. (2011). “Implementation and Evaluation of a Software Prototype for Real-Time Steganography in VoIP Call” Journal of Computing, Volume 3, Issue 12, December (2011), ISSN 2151-9617. Pages 58-63.
  6. Azizah A. Manaf, Abdulaleem Z. Al-Othmani, and Akram M. Zeki, (2010). “Prototype Development of VoIP Steganography”. 4th International Information Security & Cryptology Conference (ISCTurkey2010). pp 293-297. 06-08 May 2010. METU Culture & Convention Center. Ankara, Turkey.