Md Nazmus Saadat, Dr

Md Nazmus Saadat, Dr


Dr. Md. Nazmus Saadat is a Senior Lecturer with a long industrial experience of more than 12 years. His working and research domains mainly focus on Software Engineering, Protocol Engineering and Networks and Communication Systems. His other current interests are in IoT, Realtime Systems, Machine Learning and Big Data.

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Dr. Md. Nazmus Saadat has served many companies and organizations in the field of Software Design, Mobile Software Development, Code Optimization and Protocol Engineering & Simulation. He has been engaged in team lead for many software teams in the past that include multiplatform software development includes both backend and frontend for commercial production systems. Besides Object Oriented Design, he is also interested in Aspect Oriented Design. He generally codes in Java, Go, C++, C, Qt, R, Python, Objective C, Swift (Apple), PHP and JavaScript based on requirements. For simulation and protocol engineering he prefers Matlab, QualNet and NS3. He has published in international journal and conferences in relevant areas and has number of patents. He has served as reviewer in several international conferences and journal publishers.

Research Areas

  1. IoT and Real-time System Engineering
  2. Software Design & Methodologies
  3. Big data
  4. Network & Communication Protocols
  5. Wireless Networks & Communication

Selected Recent Publications

  1. “Improving Network Performance in Wireless Virtualization Networks”, International Conference on Engineering Technologies and Applied Sciences, 2017 (ICETAS 2017), PWTC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  2. “Lecturers’ Perception on Social Media Networks Uses in Education”, ACM IMCOM 2017, Beppu, Japan.
  3. “Resource Allocation Algorithm For Improving Performance Of The OFDMA Based Connection Oriented Netowrks”, Transactions On Networks & Communications; ISSN 2054-7420, UK, 2015.

Professional certification

  1. Certified WiMAX Core Network Engineer

Other skills and expertise

  1. QualNet Simulator, creating and enhancing protocols since 2006
  2. Native Mobile Software Development for iOS (Swift, Objective C) and Android
  3. Object Oriented Programming and Functional Programming
  4. Currently he is focusing more on Machine Learning & Deep Learning Algorithms, Image Processing and Big data Analytics, Statistics & Mathematical Implementation in R & Python.

[**Currently he is open for more postgraduate students for PhD and Masters]