Noormadinah Allias

Noormadinah Allias


Miss Noormadinah Allias is a Lecturer in the System and Network Department at Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Information Technology. She received a Master in Information Technology from the University Kuala Lumpur and worked as a lecturer in Kolej Poly- Tech Mara, before she joined UniKL in 2014. Noormadinah has published a number of papers in book, journal and conferences.

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Noormadinah Allias is an established teacher and researcher in system and network department. Her research interests include mobile network technology, iot, big data and smart cities.

Research Areas

  1. Mobile network technology
  2. Big data
  3. IOT
  4. Smart cities
  5. Network Security

Selected Publications

  1. Parameter mapping of feature selection via Taguchi method on email filtering
  2. A Hybrid Gini PSO-SVM Feature Selection Based on Taguchi Method: An Evaluation on Email Filtering
  3. A Hybrid Gini PSO-SVM Feature Selection: An Empirical Study of Population Sizes on Different Classifier
  4. Email Filtering Based On Swarm Intelligence via Machine Learning

Professional certification

  1. NetAcad Instructor (UNIKL MIIT – CA – 37281)