Animation course in UniKL MIIT was first offered as Diploma in Animation since 2002 from the Akademi Infotech MARA heydays, and since then, have grown and incorporated Bachelor in Computer Animation as part of its programme, and continues to grow strong and respected by both creative industries and academia alike.

Animation course in UniKL MIIT offers competitive edge to prospective students who want to study about animation but with more than enough challenge for those who want to go deeper into the creative roots. Here in UniKL MIIT, students will learn huge field of creative arts and technology that include fundamental drawing, character design, storytelling, storyboard, layout design, 2D animation, 3D modeling, graphic design, typography, digital and traditional painting, stop motion studies, video editing, digital photography, artistic research, multimedia software, research writings and many more.

“…students will learn huge field of creative arts and technology…”

The Animation section in UniKL MIIT comprises a vibrant community of staff and students whose interest and expertise focuses on design and animation environment. We understand animation are growing and evolving at a rapid pace, with increasing digital technology. That is why we offer animation courses at UniKL MIIT. We provide a range of courses that combine design principles with practical learning. We also believe that with UniKL MIIT, students will be able to experience the hands-on production skills and creative techniques.



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The Advantage To Study Animation With UniKL MIIT

An animation course could lead to a future in digital media, media and animation industries. In UniKL MIIT, we passionately believe in the importance of formal and conceptual experimentation as a means to developing innovative approaches of animation.

The work of our students complete on this course is both varied and distinctive, thanks to the unique and exceptional learning experience we offer. Students are encouraged to develop their own vision as an artist, animator,designer and director, whilst equipping yourself with all the essential skills and knowledge needed to establish themselves as an animation professional.

Job prospectuses for animation students are extremely wide-ranging. Other than being a true blue animator (both 2D and 3D), finishing undergraduates can also find themselves becoming a director, storyboard artist, layout designer, character designer, film editor, sculptor, video producer, comics artist, graphic designer, creative technopreneur or even animation researcher. By the end of the course, students will have ample knowledge about animation, robust portfolio and demo reel that should be up to date with market needs. Furthermore, towards the end of the course, every Final Year Project animation will go through rigorous “crit session” by our lecturers and invited experts.