Customised Program

Customised Program

The Customized Programme is a tailor-made short-term mobility programme that is offered by UniKL MIIT based on the request from partner universities and other institutions abroad. The designed programme will provide students and staff with meaningful educational and cultural experiences, which are different from their own.

We, at UniKL strive to create truly memorable experience for our participants by integrating their curriculum interest with exciting complementary activities, such as excursions to popular and interesting places, as well as visits to the industry, craft/ art centres and UniKL campuses around Malaysia.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Initiative

This is an edu-tourism initiative particularly to strengthen the collaboration between Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Information Technology (UniKL MIIT) and its international partners, notably Semyung University and Dongyang Mirae University of South Korea. Conducted by the International Partnership (IP) Section in collaboration with the Advancement & Continuing Education (ACE) and Student Development (SD) Sections, the two weeks to one-month programme is designed to enable the participating international students to improve their English language proficiency while at the same time experiencing Malaysia’s beautiful culture and scenery.


Check out what students who joined our customised courses have to say!

When we arrived in Malaysia for the ESL Programme, it was the month of Ramadhan and everyone was fasting! Most of the shops surrounding UniKL were closed. I was worried. Were we supposed to go without food throughout the programme? Our worries were unfounded, however. We were provided with daily breakfast and lunch. In fact, our Muslim lecturers and student mentors also sat and chatted with us throughout the meals – truly a Malaysian Hospitality! My most unforgettable experience would be wearing the traditional Baju Melayu and appearing on local television programme for a special Hari Raya event!


Semyung University | Republic of Korea

After two weeks of online learning, I have gained a lot. I was very excited when I was selected for this programme. When I started my first class, I was worried because I was afraid that I could not fully understand English. As the class went on, I gradually got used to the rhythm of the class. The facilitators gave very interesting lectures. When we did not understand, the Malaysian students would carefully help us translate the teacher’s words. During my study, I was deeply attracted by the culture of Malaysia. Because Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country, its culture is also complex and diverse. In the course of our study, we learned about Malaysia’s exquisite costumes and desirable food. Through this study, what I gained the most is that I have the courage to open my mouth to communicate. Before that, I had always been shy about speaking English, and this class was a good exercise. This activity gave me confidence and I definitely benefited a lot from it. Finally, I would like to thank the facilitators for giving me the opportunity to participate in this programme.


Qingdao Hengxing University of Science and Technology (QHUST) | China

This programme enabled me to present my ideas boldly and communicate with the facilitators and classmates easily. We all grew up a lot during this period. I learned a lot about Malaysian’s customs, and also had the opportunity to learn Malay, the national language of Malaysia. Thank you again to the humorous and kind teachers. You have led me to learn more about Malaysia and let me feel the enthusiasm of being a Malaysian. I will always remember this experience and will like to gladly welcome you to China, to Qingdao especially after the epidemic. I hope to have the opportunity to visit UniKL and create better memories together.


Qingdao Hengxing University of Science and Technology (QHUST) | China

English Language Intensive Programme (E-LIP)

The English Language Intensive Programme (E-LIP) provides students with necessary language skills to succeed in an academic environment prior to joining UniKL’s undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. The main focus of the programme is on the four language skills: listening, reading, writing, and speaking in preparing students to sit for the IELTS examination. Students will have the opportunity to practice different language task-types through a variety of in-class activities.

All students will be required to sit for an English placement fest before the programme to identify their language proficiency level in order to determine the programme duration they will undergo: 3, 6 or 9 months.


Q: Where will the classes will be held?

A: Classes will be held at UniKL City Campus.

Q: Where is UniKL City Campus?

A: UniKL City Campus is at the heart of Kuala Lumpur (the Golden Triangle).

Q: How can I reach UniKL City Campus?

A: There are several ways to reach UniKL City Campus. You can go there via Grab, Taxi, LRT (Dang Wangi Station) or Monorail (Medan Tuanku Station).

Q: Is accommodation provided?

A: Yes, you can stay at our UniKL Hostel at Bangsar (Female) or Sentul (Male).


What our students say about E-LIP?


Check out what students who joined our customised courses have to say!

E-LIP is a very helpful programme, as all necessary information on IELTS is provided during class. All the instructors are very experienced and dedicated in teaching us. They gave us daily exercises and conducted numerous mock tests to help us prepare for the exam. Before I joined the E-LIP class, I did not have enough knowledge and skills to answer the IELTS exam, but when I completed my classes, I understood all the components well and this enabled me to achieve a good band for IELTS.
Abdikani Hassan Hussein
The E-LIP programme is very useful and functional to me. The instructors are very experienced and provided us with a lot of tips and methods on how to answers the IELTS exam. I am very satisfied and happy that I was able to join this programme.
Hirushka Gayashan Garushghe
Sri Lanka

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Kim de Silva (Ms)
Head of International Partnership Section
Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Information Technology