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International Student Exchange Mobility (ISEM) Programme

Institutional linkages and partnerships among universities have become a crucial lifeline to the growth and development of a university. Student mobility, in particular, is a vital component of a modern university’s profile. The benefits that can be accredited to a university when it determines to internationalise its campus are many and far-reaching.

Hosting international students on campus, for example, invigorates all the processes of achievements and excellence. By participating in the university’s life and culture, foreign students expand their horizons and broaden their perspective whilst cultivating a heightened sense of self-awareness as they embark on a new journey.

Considering the numerous impact of such mobility programmes, Universiti Kuala Lumpur via Malaysian Institute of Information Technology (UniKL MIIT) has taken the initiative to encourage its students to pursue exchange programmes overseas, while promoting its own programmes to foreign students to participate in inbound exchange programmes, short courses such as English as a Second/ Foreign Language (ESL/EFL) and edu-tourism programmes, in addition to opportunities for internship placement, joint-project supervisions and many other activities at partner universities.

As the pioneer IT school in Malaysia, UniKL MIIT graduates are highly demanded by industries due to its unique curriculum design which caters to the need of the industry such as Computer Engineering Technology, Cybersecurity, Software Engineering, Informatics & Analytics, as well as Creative Multimedia & Animation. This has enabled us to nominate and send out countless of our faculty members and students to various university partners in Austria, Cambodia, France, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and particularly, South Korea via our International Student Exchange Mobility (ISEM) Programme which was initiated back in 2008.

Students are encouraged to join such mobility programmes especially during their final semester, in which they are also required to undergo their industrial internship.  In this manner the students will benefit the most as not only will they undergo a different cultural experience, but also have the opportunity to enhance their academic maturity and technical skills. Such programmes also enable our students to reappraise their goals which include post-graduate studies via the many scholarship opportunities offered by the host universities.

International Student Exchange Mobility Outbound (ISEM – Outbound)


ISEM provides the opportunity to UniKL MIIT students to be attached at a partner university abroad for a period of less than a year. ISEM Outbound may be performed in the following modes:

Full-Semester Academic Mobility Programme which enables a student to be enrolled in an academic programme (taking subjects) at a partner university, with a minimum duration of one semester and a maximum of two full semesters consecutively.

Internship Mobility Programme which sees a student being attached to a division/ department/ section/ unit at a partner university under the supervision of a supervisor for a minimum duration of one semester.

Project/ Research Mobility Programme which gives a student the opportunity to be attached to a research project overseas under the supervision of a project supervisor for a minimum duration of one semester.

How to Apply?

Application Procedure

1.Fill in ISEM Application Form – Download Now

2. Fill in the relevant form:

  • Learning Agreement Form: for credit mobility/ taking subjects (undergraduate/ postgraduate) – Download Now
  • Intra Agreement Form: For Intra/ internship mobility (undergraduate) – Download Now

3. Submit forms and completed documents for checking before obtaining required signatures to:

Kim de Silva (Ms)
Head of International Partnership Section
Universiti Kuala Lumpur
Malaysian Institute of Information Technology

4. Email completed application to:

Name : Mr. Mohd Sufiza Harun
Email :

Don’t miss the chance to broaden your horizons!

Frequently Asked Questions

🔆 WHERE can I go?
Answer: Check out the following link for your university of choice:  

🔆 WHO may apply?
Answer: Diploma Semester 5 or Bachelor Semester 6/7 students who would like to undergo their internship semester abroad. 

🔆 CAN I undergo the programme earlier (not during Final Semester/ Internship)?
Answer: Yes, you can but NOT recommended as you have to consider subject mapping for credit transfer purposes.

🔆 WHAT kind of financial assistance is made available for me?
Answer: All ISEM students are entitled for a tuition fee waiver from the host university (UniKL partners). You will still need to pay for your regular fees at your home university. See below for additional explanation:

  • Diploma students – No financial assistance and are to undergo ISEM as self-sponsored students.
  • Bachelor students – Those with a CGPA of 3.75 & above (MARA financed-students) are eligible for MARA financial assistance

*** Some host universities do offer partial sponsorships, do check out their websites. ***

🔆 CAN I attend similar programmes offered by universities other than those listed on UniKL website (non-partners)?
Answer: Yes, you can, but usually you will be charged ONE/ TWO SEMESTER TUITION FEES by the host universities (non-partners).

🔆 HOW do I apply?
Answer: Hurry up and download the application forms here:

  1. Internship Semester: Application Form & Internship Agreement Form
  2. Credit Transfer Semester: Application Form & Learning Agreement Form

🔆 WHEN is the application deadline?
Answer: All completed applications with necessary signatures obtained from respective campuses must be emailed to the UniKL International Office (UIO) tentatively by:

  • 31 March (For Autumm/ Fall Semester at Host University)
  • 31 August (For Spring Semester at Host University)

🔆 WHOM do I contact for enquiries?
Answer: Kindly communicate with Ms. Kim de Silva, Head of Section for International Partnership, UniKL MIIT via / +60122522481.

ISEM Outbound Testimonials

Check out what UniKL MIIT students who have participated in ISEM have to say about it…

To date, UniKL’s ISEM Programme has benefited many UniKL MIIT students and staff, with many more eyeing for similar opportunities in the future. Other than establishing and strengthening network opportunities between the participating universities, such mobility programmes enable the transfer of knowledge, technology and skills, provides opportunities for future academic/ research advancement, as it polishes students’ professional skills for future career opportunities, and at the same time increases their self-esteem and goal achievement.


Applying to IE University in Madrid, Spain was, without a doubt, one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am grateful to UniKL MIIT, MARA, and IE University for allowing me to pursue my dream of studying abroad. I chose Spain, Madrid specifically as I wanted to go to a European university as well as being a football fan, it was a no-brainer. I had so much fun there, immersing myself in Spanish culture, trying out Spanish cuisine, and of course, travelling throughout Spain and Europe. That was the highlight of the ISEM programme. Not to mention the studies; IE university provided me with one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had. All in all, my exchange program there was an experience I will treasure the most. I encourage those who are willing to step outside of their comfort zone to go apply for ISEM. Trust me, you will have a lot of fun.
Mohamad Hafiz Bin Mohamad Harith
Bachelor in Computing and Business Management with Honours, De Souza, IE University, Madrid, Spain

Being an exchange student is a unique memory that you can’t exchange with any other things. Hi, my name is Ili Nadia and I became an exchange student at the University of Minho, Braga, Portugal for five months. I was very lucky to receive a scholarship from ERASMUS +ICM, which is under the ERASMUS programme.

I went to Portugal on 29 January 2019 for the Spring Semester. Being an International student buddy in UniKL MIIT helped me a lot during my time in Portugal. I had many past experiences of interacting with international students while being a student buddy which increased my confidence. That helped me to deal with people from different cultures and countries while in Portugal.

Being an exchange student opened my eyes and my mind as it broadened my horizon and in a way made me a more mature person. As the Malay proverb goes, “Jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan” (the further you travel, the greater the knowledge you will earn), this really sank in while I was an exchange student.

Ili Nadia Karim
Bachelor of Computer Engineering Technology (Computer Systems) with Honours, University of Minho, Braga, Portugal

I became interested in the student exchange programme after I was appointed as an international student buddy back in 2015 at MIIT.  It was my first time meeting students from Korea who later became my very first Korean friends as I learned about their culture. My exposure to all things Korean encouraged me to apply for the exchange programme to Korea.

At first, I had planned to join it just to meet my Korean friends again. However, I gained more than I expected. While I was on my exchange programme at Semyung University, Korea, I met a lot of new friends. My classmates and I worked on a mural project together and we spent 3 days completing the mural painting. Besides, that, I also had the opportunity to attend a job fair and experience how interviews were conducted by Korean companies. I even managed to attend my Korean friend’s wedding ceremony.  That was definitely an unforgettable experience for me.

My wonderful experience led me to apply for a scholarship to pursue my postgraduate studies in Korea and I am very thankful to be awarded the Korean Government Scholarship (GKS) to undergo my master’s degree at Semyung University.

Norariffuddin Bin Abd Rahman
Bachelor of Multimedia Technology (Hons.) in Interactive Multimedia Design, Semyung University, Jecheon, Korea

International Student Mobility Programme (ISEM – Inbound)

UniKL MIIT is delighted to welcome international exchange students from all over the world to grab the opportunity to gain quality education in Malaysia. You could have the option to study or undergo internship at our UniKL MIIT city campus. The UniKL International Student Exchange Mobility (ISEM) programme may be performed in the following modes:

  • Full-Semester Academic Mobility Programme which enables a student to be enrolled in a UniKL academic programme (taking subjects) with a minimum duration of one semester and a maximum of two full semesters consecutively.
  • Internship Mobility Programme which sees a student from a partner university being attached to a division/ department/ section/ unit at UniKL MIIT under the supervision of a supervisor for a minimum duration of one semester.
  • Project/ Research Mobility Programme which allows a student from any of our partner universities the opportunity to be attached to a research project at UniKL MIIT under the supervision of a project supervisor for a minimum duration of one semester.

How to Apply?

Application Procedure:

  1. Interested students have to notify their home university international office in order to be nominated for ISEM.
  2. Nominated students will be contacted after UniKL International Office (UIO) has received nominations from the partner university.
  3. Each applicant will receive a link to the online application platform together with the Application Guide. Application must be submitted before the given deadline.
  4. UIO will process the application and send the Acceptance Letter and Visa Application Guidelines to the successful applicants once their application is approved.
  5. Students must then apply for the Student Pass/ Visa through the Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS)
  6. Once the visa is approved, students will have to download their Visa Approval Letter (VAL) from the EMGS website and apply for a Single Entry Visa (SEV) from the nearest Malaysian Embassy in their country.
  7. Students can then start their exciting journey to Malaysia!

Application for internship or research attachment should be sent directly to Ms. Kim de Silva at and copied to Mr. Muhammad Haikal Zainal Abidin at

Application Guidelines

Application Deadline:
September (Fall) Semester: 1st May
January (Spring) Semester: 31st October


Check out what our exchange students have to say about it their experience at UniKL MIIT…

All the lecturers and the local students were very curious and open-minded towards the exchange students, which made me feel very well received. Even in courses I was the only exchange student in, I quickly got to know people who helped me find my way around. Due to the extreme hospitality in Malaysia and especially in UniKL, we made friends with staff and lecturers so that we also did activities outside the university. Accordingly, it was all the easier for us to get to know the culture and way of living in Malaysia. We were taken to different local restaurants, went to the cinema and had long conversations about the differences and similarities between our cultures with our friends from university. We even were invited to a traditional Malaysian wedding. Summing up the six months we spent in Malaysia, I would not do anything different.
Florian Ullrich

Exchange Student from FH Kufstein Tirol, Austria, July 2019 Semester

I really enjoyed studying at UniKL MIIT – it was one of the most exciting times of my life. I loved the courses, since it I had the chance to get to know a (for me) totally new culture, the language, the habits. The courses were very interesting. I would attend every single one again if I had the chance to. The lecturers were friendly and extremely interested in our lives (as well as our home university and culture). Some of our lecturers also invited us for lunch/dinner a few times at different places around KL.

Manuel Treffer

Exchange Student from FH Kufstein Tirol, Austria, July 2019 Semester



UniKL MIIT provides its students with hostel facilities that prioritise cleanliness, safety, convenience and conduciveness for learning. Our hostels are gated and guarded round-the-clock for students’ and their parents’ peace of mind.

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Outsource Accommodation – (Rented by Student)

> Summer Suite – 10 mins walks to UniKL

> Setia Sky Residency – 30 mins walks to UniKL

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