Diyana binti Ab Kadir

Diyana binti Ab Kadir


Mrs Diyana is a Lecturer in Computer Engineering at Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Information Technology (UniKL MIIT). She completed her Master in Electronics (Telecommunication and Network) at Polytechnic’ Sophia Antipolis, France in 2010. At present, she is the academic advisor for Epitech students from France, the Final Year Project Coordinator for Diploma of Engineering Technology in Computing (DEC) and the university advisor for Computer Engineering Club.

Regarding her industrial experience, she had an opportunity to work with a British company, ICERA which is located at Sophia Antipolis, France. She worked as a platform validation trainee for 6 months before coming back to Malaysia. After that, she started to work as mobile content associate for another 6 months at Digital Five Sdn Bhd before she joins the university in 2011.
In UniKL MIIT, she is the lecturer for courses like Engineering Physics, Engineering Design/Project, Electrical Circuit Analysis, Digital Electronics and Microprocessor Technology. She was assigned as University Linkages Coordinator for Europe which her role is to manage the Exchange students from France and Austria.

Research Areas

Besides teaching, her research interest is the Internet of Things (IOT). She also supervises student projects related to agriculture monitoring for quite some time. All the successful projects were sent to competitions like i-IDEA, MTE, i-EIE etc and had won silver and bronze as achievements.

Selected Publications

  1. Baharudin, N. Muhamad, K. Rashid, D. Kadir, A. Lajis, S. Munisamy, “Develop the E-Water Level”, International Conference on Engineering Technologies & Social Sciences 2016 (ICETSS-2016), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, August 2016
  1. Diyana, Ab Kadir, Shahfiqual Aqwa, Md Mahmood, Adidah, Lajis, Sri Banu, Munisamy, Shahidatul Arfah, Baharudin, Nadilah, Mohd Ralim. (2016) Mushroom Growing Monitoring Device, International Research Conference And Innovation Exhibition (IRCIE 2016)
  1. Nadilah,Mohd Ralim,Dr.Wan Rahim,Mohd Isa,Dr.Adidah ,Lajis,Diyana ,Ab. Kadir,Shahidatul Arfah,Baharudin,Sri Banu ,Munisamy. Exploring factors contributing to students satisfaction in blended learning case of UniKL MIIT, International Research Conference And Innovation Exhibition (IRCIE 2016)

4.   Sri Banu, Munisamy, Diyana, Ab Kadir, Mohammad Hazmi, Elias, Shahidatul Arfah Baharudin,  Adidah, Lajis. Blind Stick Navigator, International Research Conference And Innovation Exhibition (IRCIE 2016)